RV’s and WiFi ( Wireless Internet ) Improve Your Signal!

Like many campgrounds these days, we recently installed a wifi network and created a section of our park that is wifi capable. This way the 25% or so of our customers that want wifi can request a wifi site and surf happily. For the most part this has been a huge success, but it has also made me realize how much confusion there is about wifi. Few campers understand what it is or how it works. So I thought a list of wifi basics might help all you campers out there.

  1. The park is only half of the wifi network. Wifi is a radio signal, so your computers antenna is the other half. Most laptops come with very bad antennas which are designed to look nice and fit in a laptop bag, not maximize wifi range. For most folks this is fine… but if you are serious about your wireless internet you won’t be getting all the signal you could be. Imagine trying to get your favorite radio station tuned in right after snapping the antenna off your car. Think your signal might get worse? Of course, and the same goes for wifi.
  2. Your RV..actually all Rv’s are great at blocking wifi and radio signals. Ever notice that all you Rv’s TV and radio antennas are on the roof? Why? Because that’s the single biggest way to improve reception. Also the other Rv’s around you (and trees… and buildings) are helping block your wifi signal, so getting an antenna on your roof up high is critical.
  3. Just like a small radio or CB signal, certain parts of a campground will have better or worse wifi signal output. If you want good wifi, mention it to the front desk. This is just like asking “could we get a site near the pool?”

So now you know some basics of what hurts your wifi signal. So how do you fix it? First get a roof mount antenna kit, with a wifi card for your pc. Here’s an example of a wifi kit from amazon .com. Usually this is all you need… but if you really want to break out the big guns, add this. It’s Hawkings antenna booster. I own one and it is amazing!

There you go… a few wifi solutions for the on the road rv’er. Good luck!


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