WiFi Usage Policy

Welcome to Jacksonville / St Marys KOA. Please enjoy our FREE Wifi network during your stay! Please read the following network use agreement to avoid service interruption.

NOTICE: By using our wifi network you agree to the following rules.

1. Bandwidth Limit – Anyone on our network using more than 900 mb of data in a 24 hour period may be temporarily banned from the network. Our network is designed to be shared among our guests for basic web surfing, email and other low data consumption uses. WARNING: Movie downloads or streaming services such as Netflix will almost certainly lead you to exceed this maximum data allowance.
2. Download Limits – We are required to follow the laws related to copyrighted materials. Therefore we ask that you do the same. Please DO NOT download movies, TV shows or use any type of torrent or other peer to peer sharing software on our network.
3. No Video Streaming – To provide better service on our network we have banned the use of all video streaming sites. This includes Netflix and other Movie streaming services.
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